Rent the Grand of Your Dreams!


Grand Piano Rental

A recital in your own home with the piano of your dreams*

  • Our very special offer for aficionados of grand pianos in and around Hamburg.
  • Choose your instrument in our showroom.
  • Rent that instrument for two weeks at special conditions.
  • Delivery and tuning will be carried out by our experts.
  • Invite your friends to a recital in your own home.
  • Experience the sound, the quality and the appearance of the instrument in your home.
  • Then you can decide if you would like to purchase or return the instrument.
  • If you decide to purchase, the costs for the home recital fees will be applied to the purchase price.

Rental of Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos / Rent to Own*

  • We have a large selection of Steinway & Sons Grands that are available for rental.
  • Rental contract periods of 12, 24 or 36 months.
  • Rented Grands can be purchased or returned at any time.
  • Part of the rental fees can be applied to the purchase price.
  • Follow-up financing is available.
  • Come and see us! We will be happy to discuss further details with you.

Purchase with Buyback Guaranty*

  • With the purchase of a Steinway & Sons Grand piano, we offer you a buyback guaranty after 36 months.
  • If you decide to return the instrument after this time, we will pay you the purchase price minus a previously agreed upon fee for depreciation and transport.
  • Further details on request.
* All offers apply to normal use in private premises in and around Hamburg. Other options on request.


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