Perfect for Beginners:

A Real Piano Right From the Start.


Miete / Mietkauf für Klaviere

Tasten Sie sich vor!

Piano Rental / Rent to Own

Finding the right piano has never been easier!

Try out a new YAMAHA piano,
starting at 49 Euros a month,
with rental charges applied to the purchase price.

  • No obligation to buy, no down payment, no security deposits
  • New and pre-owned pianos and Silent-Pianos from Yamaha and other manufacturers
  • Choose your instrument in our showroom
  • All instruments are serviced in our master workshop before they leave the showroom.
  • Rental contract period at least nine months
  • Rent as long as you want.
  • Rental contracts can be terminated monthly after the initial nine months.
  • Purchase the rental piano or an instrument of higher value from our inventory.
  • The rental fees from the first nine months will be applied completely to the purchase price.
  • Affordable follow-up financing is available.

Special rental-offer for new Yamaha pianos / Yamaha-Silent pianos

Yamaha B1
UVP 3.680,- €
Monthly rent 49,- €

Yamaha B2
UVP 4.510,- €
Monthly rent 60,- €

Yamaha B3
UVP 5.270,- €
Monthly rent 70,- €

Yamaha P116
UVP 6.340,- €
Monthly rent 90,- €

Yamaha P121
UVP 7.160,- €
Monthly rent 100,- €

Yamaha-Silent Klaviere

Yamaha B1 Silent
UVP 5.300,- €
Monthly rent 70,- €

Yamaha B2 Silent
UVP 6.120,- €
Monthly rent 80,- €

Yamaha B3 Silent
UVP 6.890,- €
Monthly rent 90,- €

Yamaha P116 Silent
UVP 8.400,- €
Monthly rent 110,- €

Yamaha P121 Silent
UVP 9.220,- €
Monthly rent 120,- €

Other Models: Please inquire for rental / rent-to-own.

We recommend an acoustic piano with a true piano action, especially for beginners! Contrary to all advertising promises, a digital piano differs from a real one both in sound and in the feel of playing it.

An experienced piano-teacher sums it up: "After all, you couldn't learn to ride a bike on a hometrainer, either."


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